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OpenProj 1.4 is an open source desktop project management application
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OpenProj 1.4 is an open source desktop project management application.
This application is an alternative to Microsoft Project. OpenProj provides control, tracking and management of projects. To create a new project the only field required is the Project Name on the Create New Project window and the start date of the project can be change it if you don’t want to start the day that you’re creating your project.
You can add tasks in the Gantt diagram providing the start and end dates of each task; also you can add information to each task such the predecessors and successors tasks, resources, notes, etc. One great feature is that provides the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to order and control the tasks of the project for people who manages projects this is a very important tool. Another great feature is the Resources Breakdown Structure (RBS) to define the structure of the resources, teams, providers, etc. Task Usage and Resource Usage are features to control your project and provide a good track on it. The Report tool provides information about the current status of your project. OpenProj provides tools to open at the bottom of the window and provide different views of the project at the same time; Histogram, Chart, Task Usage and Resource Usage are the tools that you can open at the bottom of the window to have a better perspective of the advance or delay on you r projects. This project management software provides the tools needed to keep a good project management.
The GUI is friendly and easy to use, very intuitive if you are get use to work managing projects. The installation process is very easy to perform and it requires Java 5 minimum or Java 6 recommended. The documentation is not included on the software, but is available online in its website, however is not detailed.
OpenProj works on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows platforms, and it's free.

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  • OpenProj is a very good project management tool, very complete with the essential tools to provide a good project management. Perfect for Project managers and Project leaders


  • The online help need to be more detailed to provide all the information needed to use all the features
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